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Best Functions Of Magento Webshop


Magento has a complete range of merchant technological innovation required to start webshop. The program is very simple to use even for those who are new to it. This creates the program ideal for little to medium-sized businesses. The e-commerce program of it is designed to become completely scalable, aside from being versatile and highly effective. Online businesses will obtain better earnings because the expenses suffered are much lower.

Magento Webshop also has beneficial functions such as an catalog, administration panel and item surfing around, check-out and delivery functions as well as control resources ans tools that are easy to use and get around. The online entrepreneur will also be provided with excellent systematic and confirming functions to let them know the newest styles in the market.

The system with Magento Webshop can provide any type of currency, language, and will even let the customer handle several shops possessed by one company. These functions can be easily incorporated into exterior resources for bookkeeping, e-mail control, and other customer techniques.

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Major Things Keeps in Mind Before Hiring a Magento Developer


The main troubles of developing a new eCommerce website or you are about modify your existing website itself, hiring an expert Magento developer is a basic choice. The next big thing is that how to choose the right Magento developer who will be able to provide the right solution for your business needs. Following things are keeping in your mind before hiring a magento developer.

A developer with a great Portfolio with thorough experience

A portfolio truly speaks about the knowledge and experience of a developer. Thus, it’s highly important to have a look on the work portfolio of the developer before making the final decision. Experienced Magento eCommerce developers are generally talented enough to offer custom solutions to clients that are much more target-specific, result-oriented and efficient. Magento facilitates maximum flexibility which further helps developers to build a website with all the needed features of clients. Having a skilled developer not only makes you more ensured of successful completion of the project.

A developer with transparent and fair pricing

After taking the communication to its proposal stage, you must look for the pricing terms so that you can have a clear idea of the cost estimates as well. While going through the pricing terms, you must also carefully check that what will be the modified price rate in case the project requirements change.

A developer with efficient post-project support

Having a developer by side is very essential for reaching post-project support. Thus, before choosing the developer, you must get confirmed that they provide dedicated support and will support you during the task of platform upgrades and new releases.

A developer with in-depth knowledge

Magento is typically versatile and it is certain that every project will differ from one another. Before reaching to the developer, it’s not required for you to know full scope of the project however; you must have a well-defined set of questions about all the business goals which, you want to accomplish by developing the eCommerce site. You don’t have to be technically sound for figuring out the credibility of the developer. All you need to understand is whether they have sufficient knowledge to understand your brand, industry and develop a workable solution as what the situation demands which would ultimately bring revenue to you.

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Some Unique Features of Magento


Master search purpose: Modification any website after the installation of the Magento CMS to enable your customers to use the search purpose to locate and compare products of interest to them will offer profits in the long course.

Use Blogs: Promoting your goods and services to customers more easily via blogs with Magento as your platform of best. Great content available from your site inspires return visitors, helping you develop a loyal following of readers.

Service User Reviews: Magento sites commonly include perceptive user reviews. These sections appear to the popularity of your product. Reviews also provide customers with helpful information, permitting them to target and improve a search for the best models and forms to meet their specific purposes.

Share on Social Media: You’ll experience few problems sharing your products via social media campaigns when you apply Magento presentation structures to help you advertise your inventory. Nowadays, well-crafted social media campaigns often help drive conversion rates upwards.

Maintain an Email List: Using Magento, you’ll want to include proposals to visitors to sign up for presence on your email list. Collecting list members provide demonstrable proof that your company has a broad potential sales base. Moreover, you’ll conduct more cost-effective email campaigns by maintaining active opt-in lists.

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Power of Magento to Increase Your Sales – II


Magento furnishes a broadly-based platform for eCommerce activities. Based on open source code, it also provides entrepreneurs with the advantage of scalability. You can begin by downloading the free version, then upgrade to the Enterprise-level software once you’ve gained proficiency in using the program.

The Magento CMS features assist a wide array of online marketers by enabling even small retailers to make a strong impact. A few sales and marketing tips can help streamline your online sales efforts.

Today, you’ll want to ensure that your site loads well in a variety of mobile devices. Even with Magento on board, don’t take this consideration for granted. Test the different versions of your site to ensure they load well in order to optimize your site’s SEO rankings.

Magento can offer valuable marketing and promotional assistance, yet you should optimize the Magento platform by creating a truly inspiring home page. By offering material of interest to customers, you’ll encourage them to return to your site on a regular basis, facilitating sales over the long term.

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Impacts of E-Commerce on Business


Product promotion – E-commerce enhances promotion of products and services through direct, information-rich, and interactive contact with customers.

New sales channel – E-commerce creates a new distribution channel for existing products. It facilitates direct reach of customers and the bi-directional nature of communication.

Direct savings – The cost of delivering information to customers over the Internet results in substantial savings to senders when compared with non ­electronic delivery. Major savings are also realized in delivering digitized products versus physical delivery.

Reduced cycle time The delivery of digitized products and services can be reduced to seconds. Also, the administrative work related to physical delivery, especially across international borders, can be reduced significantly, cutting the cycle time by more than 90 percent.

Customer service – Customer service can be greatly enhanced by enabling customers to find detailed information online. Also, intelligent agents can answer standard e-mail questions in seconds and human experts’ services can be expedited using help-desk software.

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Main Similarities between Magento and WordPress


There are several similarities between magento and wordpress:-

SEO Friendly

Both Magento and WordPress are SEO-friendly platforms and users have a great opportunity to expand the visibility of their E-commerce stores in the SERPs of Google. These two platforms are built with clean code and permit users to optimize their websites very well for better ranking and high traffic.

A lot of options for customization

Both Magento and WordPress allow users to control their websites completely. Users can control their site’s contents as well as their look and functions. When you use Magento and WordPress, you can easily change and customize your store and display it in the way you want. You can use a wide range of plugins for both these two platforms to expand your E-commerce store and make it suitable for the needs of your customers.

Open source

Both Magento and WordPress are open source platforms, which allow you to download, install, modify easily and quickly. These two platforms are maintained and assisted by committed communities comprising users and web developers. These communities work hard at all the times to update the platforms and help other users when they have issues while using these platforms.

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Magento vs WordPress: Best CMS for E-Commerce Website – I


When you look for feasible options to develop an e-commerce website, WordPress and Magento, are two prominent platforms. Both of them are open source platforms and have the utmost efficiency to increase the profits, but it is really a challenging task to decide which one is ideal one for your E-commerce business. Therefore, you need to read out a comparison between WordPress and Magento carefully and then take decision accordingly:

WordPress is an open source publishing tool and Content Management System. It gets installed quickly and is affordable for bloggers and website owners because they can maintain it themselves easily. It is quite popular among tech-savvy people, bloggers, site owners, online business operators and many more.

Magento is an open source content management system & feature-rich E-commerce platform. You can install is easily and many people are actively using it in all around the world. When you use this platform as E-commerce, you need the assistance of an Expert Magento Developer to perform you works easily and smoothly which cost you some money.