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An Open Source Web Application – Magento Webshop

Magento Webshop

Magento is an open source web program that is specialized for e commerce. It was developed by programmers of the open source community but it is possessed completely by Magneto Inc. It was built using Zend framework. You can quickly start magento webshop. It is very popular today.

It uses some key programming exercise. It makes the system more versatile and convenient as a web system or an e- commerce platform. It allows the customer to present a versatile product show choice, cellular layouts, deal choices and also multiple store and multiple site performance.

The script is integrated with Search engines statistics and offers various reports. Product surfing around is also made simple. Several pictures of products are shown. You can order position and history, email, RSS feed. Clients’ records are improved with features.

The most vital is the payments methods available, credit cards, paypal, Authorize.net, epay. eWAY and many others as well.