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Features of Magento Templates


It gives total control over the site and functionality as per the user convenience. The best part of moving from an ordinary style website to an eye catching and effective website is the chance of getting variety of designs according to user needs. There is a wide range of templates available to choose from. All the templates from magento are developed by professional developers and are also customizable if needed. Promotional and marketing tools would be the great features to increase business revenues. It allows globalization to your business. The magento online store can be created for getting business around the world. It has a stunning facility to have more than one online store in different languages. This means you can create you business boundaries without having worries. These stores can be accessible from just one URL easily manageable.

All these factors are the beneficiaries for your business. More on that, whole website is developed SEO-friendly. All the pages will have chance to be listed near to pick points in the search results e.g. Google, MSN, yahoo, AOL, Bing.

Web design company

How to Setup an ECommerce Webshop – III

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5. Loading Products onto the Site

So now you’ve got your server and it works with your domain name and you’ve loaded your software what’s next?

You’ve probably got a few hundred (or thousand) products to load up onto the site. Firstly you’ll need a digital camera, because you’ll need to take pictures of all of your products that are unless you’re very lucky and the product’s manufacturer can supply you with these.

First you should try to work out a category hierarchy, usually the Webshop software will allow an unlimited number of categories for you to group your products under. Don’t forget that your customers will use these categories to navigate your website so it’s a good idea to spend some time on planning this properly, then for each product you’ll need to come up with a description that you need to type in using the software you’ve purchased and you need to upload the picture that you’ve taken.

Once that’s done your newly added products will be on your website.

  1. Receiving Customer Payments

Obviously you’ll need some way of getting the customers payments into your bank account.

Paypal is very good for this as they accept most of the major credit cards and bank cards and it’s usually quite straightforward to set up in most Webshop software applications. For the customers its not quite so simple and I find that a lot of customers don’t have a Paypal account and really cant be bothered with the validation that they need to go through to set one up i.e. they are just looking for the box where they enter their credit card number.

There are many other very good Credit Card payment providers around who offer payment methods and generally it just a case of finding a payment provider who can process payments to your bank account and work with your software, as the communications between the Webshop software and the payment provider can be quite complex.