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Magento vs WordPress: Best CMS for E-Commerce Website – I


When you look for feasible options to develop an e-commerce website, WordPress and Magento, are two prominent platforms. Both of them are open source platforms and have the utmost efficiency to increase the profits, but it is really a challenging task to decide which one is ideal one for your E-commerce business. Therefore, you need to read out a comparison between WordPress and Magento carefully and then take decision accordingly:

WordPress is an open source publishing tool and Content Management System. It gets installed quickly and is affordable for bloggers and website owners because they can maintain it themselves easily. It is quite popular among tech-savvy people, bloggers, site owners, online business operators and many more.

Magento is an open source content management system & feature-rich E-commerce platform. You can install is easily and many people are actively using it in all around the world. When you use this platform as E-commerce, you need the assistance of an Expert Magento Developer to perform you works easily and smoothly which cost you some money.

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Ecommerce Business Produces a Challenging Effect in Today’s Business Trends


The E-commerce business has produced a challenging effect in the company styles of today. The main advantage that e-commerce is successful are that they can clearly fulfill their client needs and definitely interact with their customers online all systems.

The other main aspects are

Contextual shopping :-

The shopping is made contextual and customer feels so simple to use and convenience of purchasing via contextual shopping in E-commerce. In other words, people can buy anything, anytime, anywhere, with the click of a button.

Rise in demand :-

There is higher need for the online shopping like buying and selling. People opt to buy and sell online from various places, states and countries and e-commerce is the one stop solution for them.

Increased Newbies :-

As the business trends go popular, there are increased beginners especially in the industries of e-commerce. The main reason for the online business is that there is an increased business exposure when compared with the offline business. The entrepreneurs can easily get connected with the local and global business people very quickly and easily.

Thus, E-commerce is a game changer in the business trends of today.

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How E-commerce plays a role in Latest Business Trend?


This latest Business trend based on E-commerce strategies only to succeed their business. Because of the digitized technology every business need to reach their target audience through online. The business trends are changing nowadays and e-commerce is playing a vital role as a game changer.

E-commerce the game changer:

E-commerce has really changed the way of shopping. In olden times, people went to the shops to buy or sell their things. Now, it’s changed. They don’t need to go in person to buy or sell things and everything is made available at handy via E-commerce.

The process of buying and selling is made very easy.  The products are delivered at your doorsteps which is a welcome advantage of e-commerce. You can shop at your convenience and the shopping lines are opened 24*7.

You can also check out for deals and offers and buy the product. From a business point of view, the reach of E-commerce business goes wider and wider. It can make your business product or service reach the global business markets.

Thus, E-commerce changed the way of business it was and it is projecting at an elevated equilibrium.

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Magento Makes Your Online Store Look Totally Professional


An online website owner enjoys lots of advantages as compared to the local shops, as an online website offers an array of services and products to the visitors in their comfort zone itself without doing much of the travelling task. But one thing that should be kept in mind is that customers will visit your site only when it attracts them or they find something interesting or fascinating in your site. If your site fails to do so, there are chances that they might never come back again. Hence, the first thing that you need to work on is making your website attractive that results in the popularity and growth of your website.

There are plenty of effective and valuable features but one of the best features that Magento comprises of is the limited time of Magento themes. One can change his/her website’s theme seasonally and that too in a hassle-free way. These themes come with PHTML file, CSS, Photoshop files, Graphics, Javascript etc and works like a cherry on the cake as it adds colors to your site and beautifies it a lot. With a set of amazing themes, Magento makes your online store look totally professional. There are thousands of companies out there that provide terrific solutions for Magento themes. The professional and reliable companies have a team of experts who effectively meet the customer’s demand. Make sure that you choose a company that is always updated with the information of current technologies to help your website attract more visitors.

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Magento Extensions You Can’t Ignore – II


3. Customer Sale:

To help webshop owners save time and effort in their e-business, Mage-World would like to introduce Customer Sales – an useful magento extension which allows you to keep track of customer purchases easily.

Customer Sale enables you to easily get a quick view of the customer’s total life sale in the customer list, while With a basic ecommerce website, you can not do that.

Go to Customer Information -> Ordered Products, you can see a list of products that each customer ordered. This list also includes information about ordered quantity and ordered price. In addition, a roll of customers who purchase the same product is involved too in Product Information. These data are very useful in business analysis. Now with our extension Customer Sales, you can collect them in a very easy and time-saving way.

Addition with that, it is easy to install, easy to use and customize. Customer Sales is really an essential extension for any webshop owner to operate his online store effectively.

  1. Category Search:

With a webshop integrating this extension, it is more quickly and convenient for customers to search for products they want from many others by product category. Outstandingly, this extension supports dynamic category context that help customers to access related categories quickly. That’s why we can consider it as a customer friendly extension. Also, it allows admin to place category search panel in 3 predefined positions.

This useful magento extension provides an ease of use for your web-shop and thus encourage visitors to your site.

  1. Easy Advertise:

Easy Advertise allows admin to manage banner items easily. We have implemented many features that will convince you of the useful of this extension. Firstly, it supports full HTML content, it means you can use any advertisement and promotion type: Text, Image, Flash, Video or any HTML content.

Furthermore, not only does it limits advertise exit time but it also allow you to show advertise banners on what specific page you want. In addition, in case users close your advertise banner, you can display a small-sized banner on six predefined positions by click “yes” in Enable to small advertise banner without affects on the whole site appearance.

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Magento Extensions You Can’t Ignore – I


All of Magento extensions I suggest here are easy to use, easy to customize and upgrade. If you want to have a complete functional Magento webshop in order to increase your sales, these following extensions can’t be ignored.

  1. Cms Pro:

This extension provides a quick and professional way for admin to post and manage news on their web-shop, and thus make their online store more attractive and informative in a well-organized manner. With Cms Pro, management of news on your web-shop becomes much easier and time saving. Just by simple manipulation, your news with brief intro text for quick view will be displayed on the frontend with nice and clear lay-out.

Customers visit your web-shop can see featured news on homepage as well as the latest news on sidebar, and choose the number of news to be shown per page thanks to pagination support. Another advantage of Cms Pro is the navigation incorporating at the end of each news, so that visitors can go to the next or previous news, or return to the root category of news quickly.

Cms Pro allows admin to organize news according to each specific category and sub-category with unlimited level. It also enables uploading image for each news, which make your news page more lively and beautiful.

  1. Easy Banner with Multi Views:

Easy Banner with Multi Views makes your business more lucrative with the most creative, eye-catching, appealing banners ever created. Flexible image loading and adjustment will facilitate admin customization work. Multiple view modes also offer customer different angles of view of the product so they will be able to make their best choice. We have implemented three other view modes (easy slider, simple slider, accordion slider) that will convince you of the useful of this extension.

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Magento Webshop Popularity comes from Its Productivity & Efficiency

magento webshop blog

Magento webshop focuses on several important business values. It follows four very essential steps that enable it to be ahead of its competitors. For instance, a Magento webshop optimizes search engines. To achieve this, they use friendly URL’s that are clear in context thus enabling your links to end up on major search engine pages. This makes it simpler for your customers to see your products and buy them when they need them.

When you have a Magento webshop, you are able to make your customers to complete their purchases easily. You have a simple yet quite efficient checkout system. This means no matter how inexperienced a customer is while buying products online, they are able to purchase the products they need from you easily.

When your visitors have found your Magento webshop, they will come across very clear navigation tools to make them move around your shop easily. The simplicity of these tools easily tempts some of your visitors to become customers. Once they become customers, your Magento webshop is able to present goods in a way that customers will leave a satisfied lot. After customers have made purchases, it is essential that you process it as efficiently as possible. This way, a customer will be content and want to come back to your site. In addition, they could end up recommending your web shop to others.