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Magento Extensions You Can’t Ignore – II


3. Customer Sale:

To help webshop owners save time and effort in their e-business, Mage-World would like to introduce Customer Sales – an useful magento extension which allows you to keep track of customer purchases easily.

Customer Sale enables you to easily get a quick view of the customer’s total life sale in the customer list, while With a basic ecommerce website, you can not do that.

Go to Customer Information -> Ordered Products, you can see a list of products that each customer ordered. This list also includes information about ordered quantity and ordered price. In addition, a roll of customers who purchase the same product is involved too in Product Information. These data are very useful in business analysis. Now with our extension Customer Sales, you can collect them in a very easy and time-saving way.

Addition with that, it is easy to install, easy to use and customize. Customer Sales is really an essential extension for any webshop owner to operate his online store effectively.

  1. Category Search:

With a webshop integrating this extension, it is more quickly and convenient for customers to search for products they want from many others by product category. Outstandingly, this extension supports dynamic category context that help customers to access related categories quickly. That’s why we can consider it as a customer friendly extension. Also, it allows admin to place category search panel in 3 predefined positions.

This useful magento extension provides an ease of use for your web-shop and thus encourage visitors to your site.

  1. Easy Advertise:

Easy Advertise allows admin to manage banner items easily. We have implemented many features that will convince you of the useful of this extension. Firstly, it supports full HTML content, it means you can use any advertisement and promotion type: Text, Image, Flash, Video or any HTML content.

Furthermore, not only does it limits advertise exit time but it also allow you to show advertise banners on what specific page you want. In addition, in case users close your advertise banner, you can display a small-sized banner on six predefined positions by click “yes” in Enable to small advertise banner without affects on the whole site appearance.


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